Find the Sunday School class that's right for you

At Elm Grove, we want you to find a group of people you can get to know and be a part of.  So we offer a variety of Sunday School options to help you find the right fit.  All classes meet at 9am on Sunday.

Nursery - Cheryl Manning, Rebecca Pipkin, Kelly Dougherty, Taylor Tobin

1-3 years - Janice Branch, Julie Daugherty, Annie Tyson

4-5 years - Debra Baggett, Kim Russell

1st-2nd Grade - Linda Newell, Cherrie Hart

3rd-5th Grade - Kathy and Roger Neely

6th-8th Grade - Dawn Tyson

9th-12th Grade - Lorrie and Nathan Pipkin

College and Young Adults - Anna and Robbie Jones, Zack Pipkin

Adult 1 - Benny Cox, Mary Briley

Adult 2 - Teresa Ball

Adult 3 - Randy Tyson, Nina Fussell