Holy Week

While Christmas may be more popular to the world, the culmination of the Christian story is Easter.  As such, we observe several events leading up to the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection.

Palm Sunday

This signals the start of Holy Week with the remembrance of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  Our choir will also be presenting a special Lenten Cantata.


Join us for a special Wednesday night service as we prepare our hearts for Easter.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday is when we remember Jesus' Last Supper with the disciples, the institution of Communion and the Washing of Feet, and his betrayal and arrest.  We will have a meal at 6pm followed by a worship service and observing the ordinances.

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day set aside to remember Jesus' crucifixion and death.  we will be holding a Tenebrae service at 7pm to mark the poignant event.

Children's Easter Egg Hunt

The day before Easter, our children are invited to participate in an Easter Egg Hunt, which will include an Easter video and lunch.  The activities start at 10:30am.

Easter Morning

To celebrate Jesus's resurrection and his victory over death, we will be hosting a special sunrise service at 6:20am, followed be breakfast and our regular services.  Join us in honoring God's gift to us.